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亚搏全站:皮蓬:NBA复赛后像打野球 没球迷没主客场身体对抗也没有

In the eyes of NBA star Scottie Pippen, the NBA after Disney's rematch is completely another game, and should not even be called an NBA game. He feels that in this environment with no fans, no home and away games, and no noise, the playoffs are more like a normal wild game, which greatly reduces the pressure on the players.

在NBA明星斯科蒂·皮蓬(Scottie Pippen)的眼中,迪斯尼复赛后的NBA完全是另一场比赛,甚至不应该被称为NBA比赛。他觉得在没有球迷,没有主场比赛,没有客队比赛,没有噪音的环境下,季后赛更像是一场普通的野外比赛,这大大减轻了球员的压力。

In an interview with Business Insider, Pippen was asked how he evaluated the rematch in Disney's "Bubble". Pippen pointed out that in the absence of fans in the game system, the pressure on the players is much less, and he also used Lakers veteran point guard Lajun Rondo to prove his point.


"To be honest, I don't think this is an NBA game at all." Pippen said, "There is no such kind of peeling confrontation, no travel, no fans to watch the game, no distractions. Really. Yes, to me it’s more like a wild game. Everyone goes to the arena together, and then plays in the team that they have divided. This is the same as the wild game organized by the players themselves in the summer. Because there are no fans on the sidelines , There is no distraction, no noise, the pressure on the players is much less."

“说实话,我根本不认为这是一场NBA比赛。”皮蓬说:“没有那种激烈的对抗,没有旅行,没有球迷观看比赛,没有干扰。真的。是的,对我来说,这更像是一场野外比赛。每个人都一起去竞技场,然后参加比赛就像他们夏季自己组织的野外比赛一样,因为场上没有球迷,没有干扰,没有噪音,对球员的压力要小得多。 ”

"The most typical example: look at Rondo. He couldn't make three-pointers all of his NBA career. Now he can make them suddenly. In this'bubble', his three-pointer percentage is almost 50. %! I didn't look at the specific data, but it's almost the same."


Judging from Rondo's three-point data alone, Pippen's impression is correct. Since his return in the second round of G1, Rondo has shot 44.8% of his three-pointers. Although the sample is small (10 games, 29 shots), considering that he is a guard with a career three-point percentage of only 31.6%, this The accuracy is really amazing.


Then Pippen further elaborated on his point of view, telling how special he thinks this year's semi-final is and cannot be compared with previous years. However, he did not completely deny this rematch, because Pippen used "very entertaining" to summarize his words.


"I think all this makes the game easier, because if you think about it, you will find that Rondo can't make long shots in any other arena." Pippen continued, "Normal NBA games require It’s much harder. For me, it’s easy to play in the "bubble". There is no travel, and that kind of running can be terrible. So now you can sleep on the same bed every night and walk to the arena instead of sitting 25 -50-minute bus. You don’t even have to sit in the arena 2 hours in advance, waiting to be interviewed by the media, and be affected by all the distractions. So this is another game, but It’s really entertaining."

“我认为所有这些都使游戏变得更容易,因为如果您考虑一下,您会发现Rondo不能在其他任何领域做出长远贡献。”皮蓬继续说道:“普通的NBA比赛要求更加艰巨。对我来说,在“泡泡”中打球很容易。没有旅行,而且这样的跑步可能会很糟糕。所以现在您可以每晚在同一张床上睡觉而不是坐25 -50分钟的公交车去竞技场,您甚至不必提前2小时坐在竞技场上,等待媒体的采访,并受到所有干扰的影响。另一场比赛,但这确实很有趣。”

In the view of the experienced playoff veteran, the new environment has changed the style of the game and made it easier for special things to happen on the court, such as reversals. Pippen believes that playing in the "bubble" should not be taken lightly, because the opponent can easily reverse.


"In my opinion, the game style in the'bubble' has become more powerful." He said, "Each team just shoots three points. Now the NBA game is almost a game where anyone who scores 120 points first wins. However. From another perspective, if you can guard against your opponent, then victory is yours."


Pippen has an excellent player career, but this does not mean that his understanding of the game is correct after retirement. Obviously nothing is a three-point shooting game, and people's attitudes are not consistent as to whether this year's NBA playoffs are more difficult or less difficult. For example, Kevin Durant said not long ago that this year's championship should be more recognized, because those who can survive in such a closed environment should be strong men.

皮蓬拥有出色的球员生涯,但这并不意味着他退休后对比赛的理解是正确的。显然,没有什么是三分投篮游戏,人们对于今年的NBA季后赛是艰难还是艰难,人们的态度并不一致。例如,凯文·杜兰特(Kevin Durant)不久前表示,今年的冠军应该得到更多的认可,因为那些能够在如此封闭的环境中生存的人应该是坚强的人。

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