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The final stage experienced a wave of eight-game losing streak, and only scored 2 goals in the last ten games. The Spaniard retreated from La Liga in an indecent way, ending the 2019/20 season, which was full of many twists and turns.


Experienced four coaches in one season, tried multiple positions in the front court, accepted tempering and transformation in the process of driving low and driving high, and won the recognition of public opinion with his diligent performance. Wu Lei became a gloomy season. One of the few highlights, his "second grade" road is quite magical realism, full of too many memorable details and bridges.


Since Xia Chuang lost Ruby, Iglesias, and Hermoso, the Spanish tragedy has been forged.

自从Xia Chuang输掉了Ruby,Iglesias和Hermoso之后,西班牙的悲剧就被伪造了。

The Spaniard suffered a trough in the Gayego and Machin eras. On the one hand, it was because of the lack of strong players to lead on the three lines. On the other hand, the additional European war missions caused great consumption to the team. The top and bottom lacked preparations for this sudden variation, and too much attention to the European war caused the league to owe too much from the beginning, and gradually became difficult to return as the season deepened.


Failed to upgrade the lineup in the transfer window, unable to tap the existing resources to repair the loopholes, Gayego and Machin are destined to be just passing by at El Prat Stadium.

由于未能在转会窗口中升级阵容,无法利用现有资源修复漏洞,因此,Gayego和Machin注定只能在El Prat体育场路过。

During his tenure, Gayego tried a variety of formations including 442, 433 and 4231. Wu Lei has served as the starter 5 times in 8 league games, focusing on shadow forwards and right wingers. He has also played a single arrow (home game against Granada) experience.


After completing the left acromioclavicular joint surgery in late May 2019, Wu Lei spent some time recovering.


Taking into account that if the clavicle ligament injury cannot be fully recovered, it will easily lead to injuries to other ligaments of the body. It is understandable that Wu Lei "reserved" at the beginning of the season, and it is reasonable that he did not score goals and assists.


In the process of Wu Lei's gradual search for status, Ferreira seized the opportunity to prove himself.


In the first round of the Europa League qualifier against Starnán, Ferreira scored twice and assisted Iglesias to score 1 goal; the second round moved to Iceland, the Argentine scored the goal to seal the victory .


It is a pity that Ferreira did not extend the good state of the Europa League qualifying rounds into the league. The vacancy left by Iglesias became a black hole for the Spaniards, and Gajego’s punching style was lost. The frontline fulcrum appears to be inefficient.


The striker was unable to break the game, and Gayego encouraged the full-backs to participate in the offense. This action not only failed to achieve the desired effect, but completely exposed the gaps in the backcourt to the opponent.


The Spaniard’s straight-line play in the Gayego era was simple and rude, resulting in a lot of ball rights conversions. Many opportunities for Wu Lei came from solo fights. The location setting far away from the penalty area increased his consumption. Without sufficient physical energy to guarantee the accuracy of shots, Wu Lei's struggle can be imagined.


After Maqin took over the Spaniard, Wu Lei was a substitute in the first three La Liga games, playing a total of only 35 minutes, he only got a starting opportunity in the Europa League as a guest at Ludogorets.


At home against Valencia, Wu Lei returned to the starting lineup. He seized the opportunity to successfully interpret the role of B2B on the side. He performed well in back defense, counterattack advancement and bottom pass, and effectively maintained the system. Vitality and balance became the biggest gain for the Spaniards in the defeat.


In the next match against Atletico Madrid, Wu Lei's daring style was impressive, and Ma Qin's trust was completely won by this battle.


In this process, Wu Lei withdrew from the European war stage, Ma Qin hopes that he will play a role in the more critical La Liga.


After consecutive losses to Valencia and Atletico Madrid, Machin seems to have found a way to dismantle the 4-4-2 defensive system.


Next, facing Getafe's high press and body collision, the Spaniard reduced ground passing and penetration and directly used the forward's speed to hit the goal.


Wu Lei relied on his personal ability to create threats for many times, and he succeeded in receiving a corner kick.


Coming all the way from low-level teams, Machin's tactical style is more radical. The Spaniard's original plan was to "strive for three points" more under the leadership of the coach.


However, the expected scoring storm did not arrive, and the homogenized striker could not change any tricks. After all, Machin failed to repair the structural flaws in the Spaniard lineup.


Although the support received is very limited, and the timing of anti-offside and the opportunity in front of the goal are also slightly less popular, Wu Lei's interspersion, tugging and impact in the frontcourt are still scarce elements in this Spanish team. This is his The reason why the ability is not outstanding but can get the attention of Ma Qin.


Thanks to the experience of leading the newly promoted horse to relegation successfully, Abelardo has received strong support from the top of the Spaniard. De Thomas, Cabrera and Embalba, who are assisting in the winter window, are all players that meet his tactical requirements. The Barcelona star also lived up to expectations. He quickly cemented a stable starting lineup after taking office.

凭借成功带领新晋马降级的经验,Abelardo得到了西班牙高层的大力支持。协助冬季比赛的De Thomas,Cabrera和Embalba都是符合他战术要求的球员。这位巴塞罗那球星也达到了预期。上任后,他迅速巩固了稳定的首发阵容。

Wu Lei set out from the bench again, seized the opportunity of De Thomas's injury absence, and regained his starting qualifications after serving as a substitute for five consecutive games.


Coming from low-level teams all the way, Abelardo’s tactical style is more pragmatic. The Spaniard has played many small score matches during his tenure, paying great attention to the quantitative control of offense and defense.


The 442 formation is Abelardo's first choice, and the 451 formation is a blueprint for dealing with strong teams. Wu Lei has his own position in both systems. As a forward, he is responsible for attacking behind him. When he plays the right wing, he is still a wide B2B.


Even with the addition of Cabrera in the winter window, the Spaniard's defense is still very weak, and the problem of the right back is particularly prominent. The defense can only be strengthened by compressing the space. It is inevitable to switch to defense in depth after the frontcourt fails. In Ma Qin's 352 system, Wu Lei has the experience of retreating deeply to protect the right gate, and Abelado's arrangement of his main right midfielder also continued this idea.


In the game away from Pisjuan, Wu Lei's continuous tackles and fouls in the backcourt as a "right-wing guard" were impressive.


Visiting Valladolid, "right-back" Wu Lei contributed 1 steal and 2 interceptions. Abelardo adjusted Wu Lei's position in the final stage, which directly caused the Spaniard to lose because of the wing.


Won the trust of the coach in the position of winger, Wu Lei advanced to the "forward" after the La Liga rematch. Abelardo’s team focused on long-pass offenses, with Calelli competing for the first spot, and other players capturing the second spot and launching a fast attack on the spot.


After hard training during the offseason, Wu Lei's physical condition and ball feel remained good, and his performance on the court became more confident.


Against Alaves, Wu Lei single-handedly scored. In the process of scoring a goal, Wu Lei used his speed to throw off the defender, slowed down and adjusted in time before shooting, and successfully deceived the goalkeeper's center of gravity. His kick was sudden and angled, and he was quite general.


Unfortunately, Wu Lei failed to continue this good momentum in the subsequent games.


Three days later, as a guest at Getafe, the Spaniard played one less player in nearly 75 minutes. Wu Lei had to take care of the offense even when he was under the heavy defensive task. The cost was huge, which directly affected his next match. The state of Levante and Betis.


During Abelardo's tenure, Wu Lei was one of the few players who won the main position as a substitute. He always resolutely implemented the coach's tactical intent, and his performance on both ends of the offense and defense was full of bright spots.


Rufitt, who introduced Wu Lei, witnessed Wu Lei's growth and transformation. In his team, China No. 7 no longer needs to play from the bench.


Rufitt basically followed the system and main candidates left by Abelardo after coaching. The biggest change is that Calelli, who had performed well before, was placed on the bench. De Thomas and Wu Lei’s striker combination appeared larger. Rejection.


The Spaniard only scored 1 goal in the first four games after Rufitt coached, and dropped to the second division early.


From Gayego, who plays the "British style", to Machin who advocates technology and control, to Abelardo and Rufitte who are practically supreme, the Spanish style has undergone several changes in just one season. , A relegation team can't bear this kind of turmoil, and many players have lost their way.

从扮演“英国风格”的Gayego,到倡导技术和控制的Machin,再到实际上最重要的Abelardo和Rufitte,西班牙风格仅在一个季节就发生了几处变化。 ,保级球队无法承受这种混乱,许多球员已经迷路了。

Wu Lei has been able to maintain the attitude of striving for the uppermost in this process, winning the trust of the coach in constant "rock climbing" and becoming one of the players with the most appearances in the five major leagues. He scored 8 goals in 49 games, which is considered an excess. Completed the task.


In the first season of joining La Liga, Wu Lei has shown his technical characteristics.


In this ups and downs of the "second grade" season, Wu Lei maintained a good patience and a clear mind, demonstrated extraordinary adaptability and tactical execution ability, not only successfully surpassed the "second grade wall", but also achieved technical results. This breakthrough is not easy for a young player, and the exhaustion after the rematch is quite helpless.


In this era of Chinese football, the wave of Chinese football staying abroad is weak. Wu Lei proved himself in the first league and won the respect. The far-reaching significance of this "cutting the air" journey has long gone beyond the purely competitive level. "Wulei Westward" will continue, this is the gospel of Chinese football.

在这个中国足球时代,中国足球留在国外的浪潮是微弱的。吴磊在第一联赛证明了自己并赢得了尊重。这种“断断续续”的旅程的深远意义已经远远超出了纯粹的竞争水平。 “五雷向西”将继续,这是中国足球的福音。